A PLLC 250 Watt 50 Hz In-Line Module dimmer, designed to be concealed (e.g.in roofs) at the beginning of a Lighting run. 3 Wires are required - Active (Red) - Neutral (Black) - Load (White)

Prior to placing in Setup Mode, it is recommended to always "Default" the unit.

1. Press the UP Button 5 times..LED begins to flash.

2. Press the down button 10 times.

3. Then Press the UP button 2 times.LED stops flashing..the Unit has now be defaulted

4. Repeat Steps  2, to now place the defaulted unit in Setup Mode.Press UP button 5 times, to put device into Setup Mode

5. By using the UPSTART Software, downloaded from the PLLC Web site, you can now discover your UPB device and place or create your NEW Network




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