Powerline Interface Module (PIM-R)
The PIM (Powerline Interface Module), is a small plug-in device designed to be the interface between an RS232 or USB port on a computer (or dedicated controller) and the powerline.

The PIM plugs into any standard 240V AC electrical outlet. The PIM-R is an RS-232 serial interface that connects to any available COM port via a DB9 serial cable (included). The PIM-U is a USB serial interface that connects to any available USB port (The USB serial device is not available from PLLC as yet). Software drivers allow the PIM-U to emulate a serial PIM by taking over an available COM port.

The PIM is the device of choice for interfacing PCS's UPStart Setup Software to the powerline.

The PIM comes in a white enclosure. A multi-colour LED is provided on the front of the module and acts as a powerline signal indicator as well as indicating modes of operation.

UPSTART Software * Set-up, test, and monitor from a home PC.

* The system supports control of lighting through a PC using third party software, and connects to UPB products via a UPB PIM (Pulse Interface Module)



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